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Where is Playa Escondida?

Playa Escondida is on Mexico's west coast 18 miles from the Puerto Vallarta International airport.

flight times Puerto Vallarta

Playa Escondida is about 1 mile from the town of Sayulita.

The western coast of Mexico offers much in the way of activity, with many hidden beaches and villages to explore.

(A link with specific directions to Playa Escondida will be sent to you when your reservation is confirmed.)

Puerto Vallarta Airport to Sayulita

From the Puerto Vallarta international airport, drive/bus north on hwy MEX 200. Sayulita is about 22 miles (36 km) north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. Upon exiting the airport follow the signs for Compostela and Tepic. You will cross under the highway in a U-turn to head north.

After approximately twenty minutes you will pass through the town of Bucerias. After passing through Bucerias, Mex 200 continues on as a four-lane highway for a few more miles until the turnoff to Punta Mita. Make sure to go straight ahead here. Sometimes there is a military inspection point (don't worry; the soldiers are there for your protection.)

jungle highway

Shortly after the Punta Mita turnoff, the highway changes to a two-lane road and heads up and over a small mountain in a winding and twisting manner with lots of curves. Watch for animals grazing along the road and slow moving vehicles. You will pass signs for several small villages.


At the village of San Ignacio, a mile or so before the Sayulita turnoff, you'll find MANY speed bumps and fruit stands.

Continue another kilometer (to kilometer marker 123km) where you'll see a Pemex gasoline station and the turnoff to Sayulita.


Guadalajara to Sayulita


It is a beautiful 4 hour drive from Guadalajara to Sayulita. From Guadalajara head west toward Nogales, then about 10 miles from Guadalajara take the "Cuota" (toll hwy) towards Tepic. This is a magnificent highway cut through a beautiful mountain landscape with almost no signs of human development.

Continue for approximately 2 hours, passing Ixtlan del Rio and driving up the side of the Ceboruco volcano, a geologist's dream.


After cresting the mountain watch the kilometer marker posts carefully for the turnoff to Chapalilla/Puerto Vallarta at 130km.


Follow the winding road down the mountainside of sugar cane to the valley town of Chapalilla.

Just leaving Chapalilla watch for the Pto Vallarta/Compostela turnoff. This is a beautiful 30 minute drive which climbs another volcano with a large lake, then winds down past the mountain town of Compostela and runs into highway 200 to Puerto Vallarta.

Highway 200, yet another beautiful, very windy road, takes you up and around a mountain and then down to the Pacific coast at Las Varas. Pass all the fruit stands, smell the humid ocean air and drive on for another 45 minutes to the 123km marker where you'll see a Pemex station at the Sayulita turnoff.


Bus information

The bus ride from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita costs 30 pesos ($US 2.50) and departs from only a few bus stops in PV starting in front of Plaza Las Glorias, next at Walmart then in front of the airport.

If you are going to catch the bus from the airport, cross over the highway using the pedestrian bridge. Look for the name "Sayulita" written with a white marker pen on the windshield of the bus.

Buses normally arrive every 20 minutes. The 22-mile bus ride from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita takes approximately 1 hour. The last stop for city bound bus is at Plaza Las Glorias where you can catch a city bus to head farther downtown.

Taxi information

A taxi (car, suburban, or van) from Sayulita into Puerto Vallarta will cost between 500-700 pesos depending on the group size and amount of baggage (ie. surf boards).

Taxis from the Puerto Vallarta airport to Sayulita generally run around 900 pesos at the airport gate or 500 pesos if you walk across the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the highway.

Once in Sayulita

A link with specific directions to Playa Escondida will be sent to you when your reservation is confirmed

If you get lost don't worry. Ask a LOCAL taxi driver (don't expect a local person to know where we are) or give us a call at 01 329 291-3640 from Mexican phones or 329 291-3640 from your U.S. cell phone (if you have international roaming activated).

Once you get to Playa Escondida our staff will show you your room and give you a brief tour so you can feel at ease and be ready to relax and enjoy yourselves.

playa escondida

Time zone

Note that Sayulita is in the Central Time zone the same as Puerto Vallarta.

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