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Spring Sayulita

Playa Escondida through the Seasons

Spring is lovely with a guarantee of cloudless skies, warm sun and tropical blooms.

March brings fresh air and longer days with the sun high in the sky and the beach beckoning by the time you finish breakfast. Nighttime lows are still in the comfortable 60s and daytime temperatures will hover in the low 80s.

May Sayulita

April weather is hard to beat when you can sleep with just a sheet and enjoy the beach all day long. The water temperature starts to rise and the swimmable days are more frequent as the northwest swells subside.

In May the bougainvilleas paint swathes of vivid color, the sky is deep blue and the ocean temperature is a comforting 80 degrees.

As early as mid-May you may be privileged to witness the annual land crab migration, an amazing spectacle of nature. The jungle comes alive with thousands of crabs descending from the nearby hills to march en masse toward the ocean, rustling through the leaves and brush on their relentless quest to find the beach and stake out their mating territories.

Summer Sayulita

Summer in the tropics isn't for everyone, just the lucky the rhythm of life slows down to a natural pace. A cool tropical drink is even more delicious and it's a great time to write and read, relax in a hammock in the shade, enjoy nature's magic theater, immerse in the sultry climate, awaken all your senses and mingle with colorful travelers, not tourist crowds.

June may start hot and dry but the first thunderstorms wake the ecosystem so trees and flowers blossom in a beautiful display of color. The weather is gorgeous, hot in the day with tropical breezes and warm at night so a sheet is all you need to be comfortable. To the dismay of surfers the ocean is often calm and inviting for swimmers and snorkelers.

July Sayulita

In July occasional thunderstorms continue at night. All the plants, trees and flowers are in full bloom and the surrounding jungle becomes luxuriantly green. The humidity is now noticeable when you are not on the beach but the breezes and abundant fans keep the air circulating and a cool tropical drink is the perfect companion to a good novel as you relax in your hammock.

By August you know you are in the tropics as you feel the air heavy with oxygen from the surrounding jungle and enjoy the gentle ocean breezes with their rich sea scent. The beach grows even wider as the southerly current deposits fresh sand on the shore. A refreshing plunge in the warm surf is magical.

September Sayulita

Continuing through September the weather is humid with more frequent thunderstorms, though it is almost always sunny in the daytime. Tropical storms occasionally pass offshore and bring clouds for a day or two. These are relaxing times when the clock slows down and life seems more real.

All summer long you'll sleep well with ocean breezes and fans which are inside the canopy beds (canopied with mosquito netting, though we rarely have a mosquito problem.) You'll fully enjoy the ocean which is generally calm, warm and great for swimming.

Fall Sayulita

Fall, the perfect season, with Nature at her best.

By the middle of October the humidity lifts and a blue sky is almost garanteed. Nature is at the height of her cycle with vegetation lush and wildlife flush, the year's offspring ready to start a life of their own. The ocean is still quite warm and peaceful, not yet giving reliable swells for the serious surfer while offering frequent opportunities for great snorkeling adventures.

November Sayulita

As November storms start to track out of the Arctic to bring rain to the U.S. West coast, their northwest fetch brings swells to our shore, giving eager surfers the prospect of better rides. Instead of feeling the chill of approaching winter in the North, bask in sunny skies, hot days, warm water and comfortable nights as we enter our dry season.

Winter Sayulita

December is always sunny and warm in the day but the nights are getting cooler- sometimes you may even need a warm blanket by the end of the month.

Winter is generally the best time of year for most visitors as our tropical lattitude has the sun still traversing high in a clear, blue sky, so the cooler evenings are transformed into perfect beach days by midday and the air is comfortably dry.

January Sayulita

January is usually the sunniest month and not so cold, as the days are warm with temperatures in the low 80s and nights refreshingly cool in the 50s and 60s. The ocean temperature is in the 70s and northwest swells that make for great surfing can pose a challenge for swimmers.

February, one of our most popular months, finds highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. Although usually our coolest time of year, by the end of the month it is starting to get warmer.