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Accommodations: Beach Front: Luna Penthouse

Luna Penthouse

Luna Penthouse

Find yourself...

on the edge of fantasy, aloft in the seabirds flyway, overlooking an immense Pacific Ocean by day and a million-star canopy by night…is this your kind of magical dream?

Enter a different world...

Luna Penthouse Different

which you may not want to leave. Sprawled on your huge canopied bed,

Luna Penthouse Different

bathed in the magical light of a sunset dream, is this real or have you slipped off the edge, into a world of fantasy?

Let your mind slip over the horizon...

Over Horizon

looking for whales and admiring the rugged coastline...

Pelicans Diving


a graceful flock of sea birds flies right in front of you, then plunges, one-by-one, into the rolling swells to chase after their fish-lunch, taking you to their world for a moment...

Glide down to the sea world yourself...

Luna Stairs

on the graceful stairway to the beach... feel the sand caress your feet, let the surf gently wash over your legs.

Plungin Water

Now you plunge into a swell too...

and enter the fringe of this immense water world to see what those pelicans were up to, or, if you prefer, just return to the sand beach to read and relax under a natural palm umbrella.

Luna Feet

Treat yourself to the experience...

of majesty and beauty rarely enjoyed by anyone; live out a wonderful fantasy... Leave worries behind; life is short, enjoy it while you can!

Luna Penthouse Deck

Perfect for the extraordinary...

honeymoon, anniversary, special time together, a surprise gift for your loved one, or just to indulge in an unforgettable holiday.


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