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Bungalow 1

Feel like you're in a tree house

Recapture your youth - feel lofty and free as you identify with the birds while looking out among the giant trees and palms.

You're in your in the jungle outpost part of the Casa Rocosa grounds above the Casita and Jungle House.

Jungle surroundings

Huge strangler fig trees, papayas, bananas, coconut palms and a multitude of other plants, flowers and trees surround your peaceful abode in tranquility

Upstairs Bedroom

With moonlight filtering through the trees rest peacefully as the huge thatched roof mutes the sounds of surf and the tropical breeze makes its own lullaby to coax you into blissful sleep.

Downstairs patio area

Sit in the former clay studio patio and read a book or sip a cup of tea

The Bungalow Life

Only a hundred yards of jungle separates you from the beach. Walk down the cobblestone road and admire the work of Mother Nature.

Feel the transition from jungle to sea life as the sounds of pelicans and surf and the fresh smell of ocean spray awaken primordial memories.

Feel your problems diminish in scale. Relax. Take another deep breath. You're just at the beginning of an enjoyable and memorable experience


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