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For those who already love birds as well as people who are just curious about them, Riviera Nayarit is the absolute perfect place to explore and discover them. There are actually around 350 species of birds in Riviera Nayarit’s ecosystems, both indigenous and migratory.

Vidal Prado

Here at Playa Escondida we have our resident bird guide, Vidal, native of San Blas, who learned birding from the late Chencho, San Blas' internationally known bird guide.


Vidal takes free morning tours twice per week to the jungle surrounding Playa Escondida where you can see a wide range of species. He may also be contracted for a morning tour to the San Pancho estuary or a day trip to San Blas.


An excursion that includes exploring Quelele Lagoon Birds is a perfect way to enjoy a nature encounter and the beauty of a Purple Gallinule, an American Coot or a Green Heron.

Near creeks and in forests, you may come across Vermilion Flycatcher, Rufous-backed Robin, Squirrel Cuckoo and even most likely see lots of Orange-fronted Parakeets.

Espatula Rosada

San Blas Bird Watching excursions are an in-depth experience that include riverboat trips to La Tovara Mangroves where bird watchers are able to see Rufous-necked Wood-rail, Puaraquees, Purple Gallinules, Bare-throated Tiger Heron, and Northern Potoo, Northern Jacanas, Mangrove Warbler and Vireo, the impressive Boat-billed Heron nesting and lots of Green Kingfishers.

Riviera Nayarit is acclaimed as a bird paradise and its diversity of species and their remarkable beauty make the experience both educational and fun..