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Pool & Jacuzzi

The sun is high and you need a break from the beach?


Try the spa water infinity pool. Open your eyes as you swim underwater. No irritation. Feel your smooth skin and smell the freshness of chemical-free natural saline water. Swim toward the infinity edge which seems to merge with the ocean swells.


Sensually refreshing

The richness of color and the pool's curves evoke a voluptuous mood under the tropical sun. Refresh with a drink from the poolside bar. Breathe the sea air and feel the harmony of your surroundings while you listen to the surf's timeless rhythm.


An intimate jacuzzi…

nestled among mountain boulders and tropical palms will soothe your spirits. Watch for whales by day or spot constellations by night as you sit in the relaxing current of massaging water jets.


Swim under the warm waterfall

Enjoy 90° water year round...take a rain bath as you swim under the waterfall...sit under the huge boulder and laugh together as the water pours down in front of you.


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