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Yoga Retreats at Playa Escondida

an introduction for planners

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Playa Escondida...where Mother Ocean marks time on Land´s shore, a primordial rhythm, the pulse of life, a Pacific resonance that spans time and space to sublimely connect East and West. A perfect place to harmonize, tuning your body, mind and inner self to Nature.

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Playa Escondida offers an exceptional boutique resort experience in which to enjoy an unforgettable retreat in comfort, but close to nature.

We appreciate the difficulties of organizing and leading a yoga group, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

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Our staff, naturally unpretentious and caring, is dedicated to making you feel comfortable with smiles and good vibes while attending to your every need.

We'll take care of making everybody feel at home, leaving you with just the responsibility of leading your yoga sessions.

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Non-yogis will feel completely comfortable as well. We offer a relaxed, informal hotel experience with a full range of activities from surfing to golf and fishing. Equally important is our proximity to the village of Sayulita, a 1.5 mile walk on beach and trails or 5 minute ride in taxi, providing another fascinating world to explore for both yogis and their companions.

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Our chef shops the markets daily for the best and freshest produce with you in mind. Our vegetarian and vegan friends are given high priority so a variety of menu options are offered (regular, vegetarian, gluten free and more).

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A combination of Swedish and Esalen techniques will take you to a pleasurable dream world and leave you floating in gentle tropical clouds. Relaxation is our goal. We offer a full range of reasonably priced spa services.

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Infinity pool

Swim toward the infinity edge which seems to merge with the ocean swells. Breathe the sea air and feel the harmony of your surroundings while you listen to the surf´s timeless rhythm.

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Intimate jacuzzi

Look over the infinity edge at the vast ocean while intimately nestled among mountain boulders and tropical palms...soothe your body and awaken your spirit. Watch for whales by day or spot constellations by night.

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Few places in the world offer a beach so beautiful, yet so private. Rock outcroppings protect both north and south ends, leaving our beach pristine, perfect for relaxing and free from distracting vendors hawking their wares.

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Yoga terrace

Imagine 15 yogis on a beautiful hardwood platform above the beach, surrounded by palms and a Mayan architecture, open but covered by billowing sails.

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We'll be pleased to host you and your group. We have attractive, customizable packages for you! Please contact, for complete details.