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a secluded beach surrounded by nature's beauty

Start your new life together with the rhythm of nature, the music of ocean surf and a light show of a million stars overhead.

Frolic in the sand in privacy, exclusivity and barefoot elegance or with formal gowns.


the colors of your life

Watch nature play with the spectrum of color in the sky as the ocean, clouds and heavens paint a world of meaning and feeling on your special day...


a lifetime of memories for you and your guests...

Life consists of this present moment, your memories, and your dreams for the future. Act now...catch this dream...don't let it slip away!


is this dream within your reach?

Fully coordinated wedding packages with music and fireworks start at $2,000 for 10 persons, $6,000 for 30 persons and $10,000 for 50 persons (this does not include the rooms which you and your guests will need to book or the reception dinner and bar).

Note: we can help you with a wedding registry so that your family and friends can help you with the costs.


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